Sand Reclamation Plants

We provide solutions to improve the sand quality, the reduction of the new sand portion or for the reduction of the deposited quantities (cost reduction).

As provider of complete sand reclamation plants for short-resin-bounded sands including chromite-sand-separation and mechanical cleaning we are your competent partner. Thus we also do provide special equipment for sand reclamation plants as for example:

  • Vibration Crusher
  • Sand cleaner
  • Sand stiff cooler
  • Fluidized bed heater for charges
  • Fluidized bed classifier
  • Cascade classifier
  • Fluidized bed cooling stifters
  • Sand warming devices


  • Crushing the sand to the original core size
  • Cleaning the sand of residual resign (annealing loss)
  • Separation of foreign substances
  • 100% reuse of the recycled sand
  • Sand-temperature-control

We are your experienced partner concerning all questions about sand reclamation – ranging from planning, commissioning to extensive service. Our specialists are always there for you.

Kompletter Staukühler mit 4 Kühlpaketen

Sand Cooler for Silica Sand

The required amount and size of the different cooling devices is based on the sand-throughput, the sand-entry and sand-output temperature as well as the water temperature.

Sand cooling devices of this type work as dust cooler, whereby the hot sand is equally sinking from top to bottom and is in constant contact with the surface of the fin plates. Cold water from the factory’s water tanks (ca. 10-15°C) or a recooling plant functions as cooling medium.

On request with:

  • Water recooling
  • Refrigerating machine
  • Pump circuit

Discharging Device

Complete discharging device

  • With excursion rust
  • With or without suction cabin

Cascade Classifier


  • Highest possible sand dedusting
  • Low annealing loss
  • Significant savings concerning the binder input

Operation of a Cascade Classifier

During the operating time the dosed sand is let into the classifier and flows downstream evenly and constantly. Here the sucked in air flows through sand veils, whereby the dust is separated of the sand – in accordance with the components of the material’s rate of fall and the air’s rate of fall. The amount of sand and the amount of air are individually adjusted.


The size and the required amount of air for the suction is based on the sand-throughput, thus the cascade classifier is individually designed to meet your requirements.

Sand Cleaner

If using a Hensel Sand Cleaner Unit (SRE), the quality of the mechanical crushed used sand is significantly improved. Thus the annealing loss is reduced and the surface of the grain rounded.

There is a cost reduction for:

  • New sand insertion
  • Used sand deposit
  • Insertion of binder
  • Casting finishing

Our plants can be installed in already existing plants, with the following advantages:

  • High availability of the plant
  • Lowest wear
  • Lowest maintenance requirements

The Sand Cleaner Unit (SRE) is designed for a performance of 10 t/h and 20 t/h. In case of higher performances it is possible to use several SRE–units at the same time.