Hensel KG was founded by Gerold Hensel in Niederfischbach (Germany) in 1977. Since then we produce

  • Bulk material technology
  • Pneumatic conveying technology
  • Sand reclamation technology

The company Hensel GmbH based in Niederfischbach was founded by Matthias Hensel in 1988. Since then up to 1997 Hensel GmbH produced the whole production range of Hensel KG. We also executed all installation and service features for sold plants.

In 1998 Hensel GmbH was taken over (by majority) by Rotamill, Anlagen- und Ventilatorenbau GmbH (Siegen/Germany). At the same time Hensel KG ceased their business activity and all know-how was given to Hensel GmbH. The company’s headquarter was transferred from Niederfischbach to Siegen.

The product range of GFA Gießerei- und Formanlagenbau/Alen (Germany) was overtaken by Hensel GmbH in March 2001. The area of short resin moulding plants is covered with this designs:

  • Complete mixer for short resin sands
    (continuous mixer, roller conveyor, compacting desks, flooding stations, turn-over separating devices, manipulators, etc.)
  • Complete sand reclamation plants for short resin sands
    (vibration crusher, mechanical sand cleaner to reduce annealing loss, cascade stift machines, sand cooler, sand heater)
  • Complete pneumatic conveying plants for grainy and dusty bulk material
    (impulse – dense steam method)

Rotamill owns construction-, production- and service departments for all mechanical and electrical parts of a plant in the following areas:

  • Exhaust gas purification
  • Sulfur pulverizing mills
  • Industrial blowers

Since 1998 they also produce the products of Hensel GmbH.

Rotamill GmbH (about 90 employees) achieves a sales of over 20 Million €/ annually. Through the joining with Rotamill and through over 30 years of experience in foundry- and conveying technology we are able to present an even more efficient company in the future.

Since January 2009 the Rotamill group (Rotamill / Hensel / Schirm) is certified in accordance to DIN ISO 9001-2008.

An overview in numbers


Certified in accordance to DIN ISO 9001-2008


Taking over the product range of GFA Gießerei- und Förderanlagenbau/Alen (Germany)


Joining Rotamill GmbH


Founding of Hensel GmbH


Founding of Hensel KG